Leaving on a jet plane....!

Well, your General Synod delegates are all set to go - most of us leave tomorrow with a second "wave" leaving on Wednesday.    As always, we covet your prayers first for safe travel to the synod.   Meanwhile the Diocese of Toronto has been helping to get ready for the synod.  Here, volunteers get together to pack... Read More


Throwback Thursday!

In honour of next week’s triennial General Synod 2016...! In 1890, a conference was held in Winnipeg regarding the consolidation of the various Dioceses and regions of the “Church of England in Canada”.  Three years later in 1893, the General Synod was incorporated.  The top photo below is of that initial... Read More


A prayer for General Synod

Well folks,    General Synod is only a week and a half away.  One of the ways - in fact perhaps the most important way - you can support your Diocesan delegation and the General Synod at large is through prayer. People to pray for: all delegates to synod - lay, clergy and bishops all those giving presentations... Read More

General synod volunteers 2

Gearing up!

The Diocese of Toronto volunteers are gearing up for General Synod: So is our delegation.  The delegates from New Westminster had our final planning/organizing meeting last night in the Trendell Lounge of 1410 Nanton Ave.  We... Read More

Who's going?

At our Synod on May 23, 2015 an election was held by our Diocese for delegates and alternate delegates to General Synod in 2016. At that time 5 delegates and 5 alternate delegates were elected on the basis of our entitlement at the last General Synod in 2013. However, the General Synod of the Anglican Church of... Read More

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Welcome to the blog of the Diocese of New Westminster delegation to 41st General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada in Richmond Hill, Ontario! Read More

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There's an APP for that!

For the first time ever, General Synod 2016 has an app! From the GS website: “The General Synod 2016 app contains the Convening Circular and all the information that delegates will need for the meeting. An event guide includes pre-Synod travel help, reports, resolutions, orientation videos, the Handbook of General... Read More