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Day 1 overview

[written by Rob Dickson - lay delegate]Greetings from Richmond Hill (Diocese of Toronto)!The delegation from Diocese of New Westminster have all arrived here at General Synod, including Bishop Melissa, Dean Peter, Archdeacon Douglas, Archdeacon Lynne, Abby Cline, Cameron Gutjahr, Melanie Delva and your scribe for... Read More

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Bit of a feature in the AJ regarding my new word! Photo: GS orientation session Read More

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Committees of GS meet

Although the orientation and first official General Synod business doesn't begin until later this evening/tomorrow (July 7 and 8), the Committees of General Synod have been meeting the morning of July 7. These committees include the Resolutions Committee, Agenda Committee and Nominations Committee. Dean Peter... Read More


Youth Delegate, Abby Cline's first day at General Synod

[written by our amazing youth delegate, Abby Cline]As a youth delegate, I had to arrive for Synod one day earlier than the other delegates. We had a meeting that started today at 3pm and went until 8:30pm. The meeting started off with Caitlin Beck (from our diocese of New Westminster) leading us all in... Read More

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On our way!

Hello from YVR. 4am comes very early,  but I'm finally getting excited about General Synod. For a while, I felt quite stressed about all that is at stake at this Synod.  But now as I sit at gate (lucky!) B13, I finally feel the excitement of meeting new people and seeing old friends that I don't get to see often;... Read More

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Things are heating up

A look at the weather forecast in Richmond Hill, ON sees things heating up! A heat warning is in effect for the area. While the Sheraton Hotel venue is air conditioned, it will make for some pretty toasty lunch time walk breaks! Read More

Leaving on a jet plane....!

Well, your General Synod delegates are all set to go - most of us leave tomorrow with a second "wave" leaving on Wednesday.    As always, we covet your prayers first for safe travel to the synod.   Meanwhile the Diocese of Toronto has been helping to get ready for the synod.  Here, volunteers get together to pack... Read More


Throwback Thursday!

In honour of next week’s triennial General Synod 2016...! In 1890, a conference was held in Winnipeg regarding the consolidation of the various Dioceses and regions of the “Church of England in Canada”.  Three years later in 1893, the General Synod was incorporated.  The top photo below is of that initial... Read More


A prayer for General Synod

Well folks,    General Synod is only a week and a half away.  One of the ways - in fact perhaps the most important way - you can support your Diocesan delegation and the General Synod at large is through prayer. People to pray for: all delegates to synod - lay, clergy and bishops all those giving presentations... Read More

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Gearing up!

The Diocese of Toronto volunteers are gearing up for General Synod: So is our delegation.  The delegates from New Westminster had our final planning/organizing meeting last night in the Trendell Lounge of 1410 Nanton Ave.  We... Read More