Quiet services bring Christmas hope

The name “Blue Christmas” some think relates to the 1957 song by singer Elvis Presley Sometimes the Christmas season is just too much for people. A loved one has died, or a marriage has broken up, or even a... Read More

Youth Connections

Keeping Youth Ministry Safe - Tips and Resources The Don’t Panic! workshop sponsored by WAYnet, the New Westminster Anglican Youth Network, took place last month. We spent the afternoon brainstorming, sharing... Read More

Cross installed atop St. Mary’s

The Rev. Kevin Dixon 60-feet high with the new cross about to be installed above St. Mary’s Kerrisdale. (Photo by Harry Siempelkamp) The Rev. Kevin Dixon, rector of St. Mary’s Kerrisdale, is a man not afraid of... Read More

St. Oswald’s Port Kells receives historic font

St. Oswald’s, Surrey, now has a connection with the Prince Rupert Anglican Coastal Mission, which operated in northern B.C. coastal waters from 1912 to 1958. The Mission operated two mission ships serving the... Read More

The Martyrdom of Thomas Becket

  December 29, 1170: “In the name of Jesus, the protector of the church, I am ready to embrace death” December 29th is always a sad occasion for the Church of England, and by extension for all Anglicans. This was... Read More

Church sermon inspires musical outreach

It is strange the thoughts that occur when you sit in your church listening to a familiar minister preaching the usual Sunday sermon. There is a peace of words which can flow over you, words triggered by the lesson... Read More


 A pensive Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams The Archbishop of Canterbury can be very frustrating. First of all he’s an academic, and writes and speaks like one. Those who want simple, clear declarative... Read More

Beautiful book shows us how to return to Eden

This is a beautifully written and stunningly illustrated book. It is not a run of the mill ‘How to’ book, it is more a look at why we garden. There are of course multiple reasons. Through the recounting of her own... Read More

Getting to know our neighbours: Encountering other faiths

When I was in seminary, I participated in an intersession course on non-Christian faiths. I selected Islam, and for two very compelling weeks I not only encountered different ways of seeing God, but the different... Read More

Interspiritual centre for False Creek will have many different faiths involved

Mike Wellwood of the Diocese of New Westminster gives the financial report at the annual meeting of the Vancouver InterSpiritual Centre in the Shree Mahalakshmi Hindu Temple in East Vancouver. Work continues to... Read More