A Diocesan Narrative Budget

The annual diocesan budget tells the story, in crisp figures, of how resources are received and then used up. It is a tool for accountants and for those who enjoy, or are fascinated with figures. Figures tell an... Read More

Church's `Dark Age' saw positive social change

A review of For the Glory of God: How monotheism led to reformations, science, witch-hunts and the end of slavery. By Rodney Stark. Princeton University Press, Princeton and Oxford. ISBN0 0-691-11436-6. Cloth 2003... Read More

`Revolutionary roadmap' a tool for the soul

<P>A Review of The Spirtuality of Mazes and Labyrinths by Gailand MacQueen. Northstone, 2005, $37, 128 pages One of the most intriguing phenomena of a burgeoning quest in our culture for the Spirit is the... Read More

Fine primer on an essential topic needs more depth

A Review of Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening by Cynthia Bourgeault. Cowley Publications, 2004, $17, 160 pages. There is no doubt there is an interest in spirituality, contemplation and the mystical approach... Read More

Briefly Noted

Circle of Life: The Heart's Journey Through the Seasons by Joyce Rupp and Macrina Wiederkehr. An invitation to listen to the wisdom of each season and to explore the relationship between the seasons of the earth and... Read More

Annual Diocesan Synod happening on May 13 and 14

The annual Diocesan Synod this year promises to be lively with decisions being called for that may affect the future of the diocese for years to come. The 103rd session of Diocesan Synod (the “annual general... Read More

Consider the Journey: Social Justice & Transportation

Bishop Michael Ingham leads cyclists to St. Edward's in Richmond. Cyclists are the Rev. Paul Borthistle, the Rev. Mavis Brownlee, Thomas Seagrave (in front), Valerie Borthistle, and Paige Dampier. Watching are... Read More

`Sweeping' plan proposed for outreach

Refining their report to Diocesan Synod in the kitchen at St. Augustine's are Bonnie Paetkau, Alisdair Smith, Kathy Derksen, the Rev. John Stephens, the Rev. Paul Borthistle (staff support) and the Rev. Mavis... Read More


The Ven. John Bailey The Ven. John Bailey was made Archdeacon of Westminster (which encompasses both Westminster and Burnaby Deaneries) by the bishop last month. The archdeacon's post was made vacant with the... Read More

Three to retire from Synod Office

The Rev. Shirley Stockdill (left), Brenda Straker (center) and Doreen Stephens (right) Three diocesan staff members have announced their retirement. Brenda Straker, receptionist, will retire at the end of... Read More