St. Margaret of Scotland

St. Margaret of Scotland is 75 The original St. Margaret of Scotland is, or would be, roughly a thousand years old, were she still around. The North Burnaby church named for her, however, is 75, and celebrated that... Read More

Book brings new sense of Sacred

Perhaps the Christian Church has always stood at the crossroad between the old and the new. These days the clashing of tectonic plates might be a better metaphor for different ways we have of interpreting our... Read More

Bishop's Christmas Message

LIGHT AND DARKNESS are powerful themes. They run throughout John's Gospel and the New Testament. But you can find them in all great literature and even in popular movies. The struggle between good and evil,... Read More

St. Mark's `Journey' made ready

Ted Lindsey and Brian Walks of St. Mark's in Surrey prepare one of nine displays that make up the parish's `Journey of Christmas.' Imagine a Christmas display that includes a walk on a lit pathway through the... Read More

Cabinet for regimental colours dedicated at Cathedral on Nov. 11

About 300 member of the Seaforth Highlanders and the British Columbia Regiment fill Christ Church Cathedral on November 11 as their conserved colours are returned to the diocesan cathedral. Since 1919, eleven... Read More


Several 2005 calendars are available for, many from church and religious groups. The Canadian Church Calendar is available every year from Anglican Church Women, write the W.A. Memorial House, 334 W. 14th... Read More

Diocesan Council Report

Work on a code of ethics for those who work in the diocese is resuming, Diocesan Council was told last month. The code will cover both paid workers, including clergy, as well as volunteers. It is likely to be based... Read More


A formal code of ethics is long overdue in the Diocese of New Westminster, and it's all to the good that a Task Force on Codes and Principles of Ethics has taken up the work on what has turned out to be a very... Read More


The "danse macabre" of Halloween and the US electioneering are now past. Now the frosty winds blow through our streets and our churches as the Windsor report, its reception and the ongoing discontents on both sides... Read More

Ministries of the Diocese of New Westminster

Archdeacon: The Ven. Beverley Stewart Regional Dean: The Rev. Fred Tassinari All Saints is a downtown church where the community is a blend of cultures, including Indo-Canadian and First Nations. The parish... Read More