The Rev. Albert Northrup

The Rev. Albert Aubrey Taylor Northrup, a retired priest of the Diocese New Westminster, died Sept. 21 in Penticton, a month before he was to turn 90 years. Northrup was rector of Holy Trinity, Vancouver from... Read More

The Rev. Derick Spilman dies

The Reverend Derrick Spilman died September 30 in the palliative care unit at Burnaby Hospital after a long illness. His wife Jan was with him. He was 77 years old. Born in England, Spilman trained at Rochester... Read More

Primate Ted Scott and the limits of liberalism

Radical Compassion: The Life and Times of Archbishop Ted Scott by Hugh McCullum, ABC Publishing, 2004, 544 pages "Liberalism was, in origin, criticism of the old established order. Today, it is the voice of the... Read More

Ministries of the Diocese of New Westminster

Archdeacon: the Ven. David Retter (retired, July 2004)Regional Dean: the Rev. John Marsh The business of the Diocese of New Westminster and each of its 80 parishes is ministry - to the young, to the old, to the... Read More

New Westminster's first cathedral to offer tours Nov. 6

The diocese's 125 anniversary will be marked at the diocese's first cathedral, Holy Trinity New Westminster, on November 6 and 7. Some 145 years ago the Rev. John Sheepshanks responded to the call of Bishop George... Read More

St. John the Divine, Squamish, dedicates memorial garden

A memorial garden and a labyrinth at St. John the Divine in Squamish were dedicated and blessed by Bishop Michael Ingham this summer. The garden is the culmination of several years of planning, fund-raising and... Read More

Editorial: A most fortunate diocese

In Canada, October is the month for Thanksgiving. There are many things that the Diocese of New Westminster has to be thankful for - despite our disputes and complaints, doubts and fears. We have 80 parishes. The... Read More


Burrard Deanery workshops find `The Spirit Within'

This past year has been a beautiful and hopeful year for me. I have been called to many of the parishes to share with individuals and groups about our Anglican relationship with Aboriginal peoples, often as part of... Read More

Letters: We must make sure Camp Artaban becomes financially sound

I am writing this letter after reading the article describing the situation that is now facing Camp Artaban - my most favourite place on Planet Earth. Craft time at Camp Artaban on Gambier Island - making... Read More

Christian Formation Courses in several parishes

Alpha ad on a transit shelter Seven parishes in the Diocese of New Westminster are participating in a national Alpha program this fall. Alpha is a ten-week introduction to Christianity. It usually includes... Read More