Diocese supports the Anglican Communion's work through the Compass Rose society

The Compass Rose To show support for the world-wide Anglican Com-munion, the Diocese of New Westminster has joined the Compass Rose society sent a representative to its annual meeting in London this month.... Read More

People in the News

Barbara Clay The Ven. Barbara Clay, Archdeacon of Westminster has announced to her congregation at St. Lawrence, Coquitlam, that she will be retiring January 9. She served for two years as a deacon then as a... Read More

St. Mary's Youth Group visits Anglicans in El Salvador

The orphanage at San Miguel This picture is from the St. Mary’s website. For many more pictures of the trip go to Fifteen youth and leaders from St. Mary's, Kerrisdale, spent two weeks in El... Read More

St. Catherine's choir takes journey of song, discovery

Some 22,000 people singing before an even larger audience at the choir festival this summer in Tallin, Estonia, included the choir from St. Catherine's, North Vancouver. (Sandra Falck photo) All winter and... Read More

Evangelism Unit sponsors `Word Up' event for youth

For those of us who don’t run in the circles of fifteen year olds or listen to Jay-Z (popular hip-hop artist), the phrase “word up” may not make any sense. That’s okay! If you’re reading this and you’re over 30,... Read More

Old Mission boats return to Pender

Hundreds of people descended on the little Sunshine Coast community of Pender Harbour during a weekend in August to celebrate the centennial of the Columbia Coast Mission. Pender Harbour had been a centre of... Read More

People - Around the Diocese

Bishop Michael Ingham examines the Rev. Emilie Smith (Jubilee Cluster) during her ordination as a priest priest. Kneeling were Marie Brown (St. Augustine), David Koe (St. Stephen, Burnaby) and Alisdair Smith... Read More

St. Anselm’s organist retires after long service

Ben Moyls, volunteer organist at St. Anselm's for half a century (Photo by John Tompkins of V6T Community News) Nearly 70 summers have past since Ben Moyls first volunteered to play the organ at services in a... Read More

Age 65 to stay as clergy retirement age

Reversing its earlier stand, Diocesan Council has decided to keep 65 as the normal retirement age for clergy in the diocese. In November, 2002, council had voted to raise the normal age of retirement to 70, and... Read More

Primate thanks Diocese for efforts in the Honouring Our Commitment campaign.

Aboriginal elders at the installation of Primate Andrew Hutchison who presented a robe were Willard Martine (left) of Greenville, BC, and the Rev. Arthur Anderson of the Diocese of Qu’Appelle (Anglican Journal... Read More