Website use has grown in 3 years

Use of the website has increased substantially over the past three years, at least among people actively engaged in the Diocese of New Westminster, according to a survey of 128 synod delegates earlier this year.... Read More

New primate visits diocese in December

Archbishop Andrew Hutchison, will visit the Diocese of New Westminster in December for the first time as newly elected primate of the Anglican Church of Canada. Archbishop Andrew Hutchison The archbishop will... Read More


Marcus Borg at St. Mary's Kerrisdale Marcus Borg's lecture at St. Mary's Kerrisdale (reported in September's TOPIC, page 5) about emerging liberal Protestantism—a more accurate term than `emerging... Read More

Marriage should be a public event, in church

By the Rev. Kim Murray.Diocese of British Columbia One of the items passed by our General Synod when it met in St.Catharines, Ontario, this spring was an amendment to the marriage canon which opens the door to... Read More

Ministries in the Diocese of New Westminster

Archdeacon: The Ven. Christine Rowe Regional Dean: The Rev. John Marsh This is the second report from parishes within the diocese of New Westminster regarding their ministry. Last month's TOPIC reported what... Read More

Seafarer’s appeal comes in November

November is appeal month for Mission to Seafarers, and parishes will soon be getting information on how people can get involved as volunteers or donors. The Rev. William Pike, who heads the 100-year-old mission,... Read More


The Rev. Eve Wiseman has agreed to be the interim priest-in-charge at St. Thomas Chilliwack, beginning November 1. Diocese of Taiwan Bishop David Lai (right) and his wife Lilly Lai show Bishop Michael Ingham... Read More

Emergency refugee at St. Philip’s grateful for rescue

Jane Dunlop, a member of the Diocesan Refugee Unit has a guest. Maryam, a 17-year-old, 4-foot, 9 and one-half inch Kurdish Muslim woman who came to Canada from Iran where she was sent at age 14 has come to stay with... Read More

Renovating historic St. George's took time

Only lighter wooden shakes on the roof mark how St. George's in Fort Langley has been expanded When a small church needs more room, expansion should be straightforward. In the case of St. George's, Fort... Read More

Task Force on Reconciliation starts work

Kevin Dixon, chair of the Task Force on Reconciliation The Diocesan Task Force on Reconciliation will soon begin meetings with individuals and groups in an attempt to find ways to restore relationships within... Read More