Ride for Refuge - 2016

Many thanks to Jane Dittrich, Peter Goodwin and Janet Coghlan for sending in photos (and information)from October 1, 2016 Ride for Refuge event.

This year funds will go to provide bicycles to community health workers associated with PWRDF partner organizations. Initially the plan was to provide bicycle ambulances however with innovation PWRDF partners are quickly replacing them with motorcycle ambulances, but there is still a great need for bicycles for community health workers. They are the backbone of PWRDF health programs in hundreds of villages around the world, visiting, advising and teaching pregnant women throughout their pregnancies and after they give birth. Having a bicycle allows a worker to visit more pregnant women and mothers of young children in communities where they live and to visit more communities. Besides their medical and nutritional responsibilities the health workers also assume the roles of friend and advocate. For a compelling personal story you may view that of Rosa a community health worker in Mozambique in the September 9 story on the PWRDF website ‘www.pwrdf.org’.

Providing bicycles is part of the new All Mothers and Children Count program. Amazingly, all funds raised will be matched 6:1 by the Government of Canada, so every $100 becomes $700 towards helping mothers and babies thrive.

On Team PWRDF there were a  number of riders and one walker  from the cathedral, St.Mary's Kerrisdale, and St. Faith's.

Team PWRDF, Vancouver so far has raised $4295 which with 6:1 matching funds from the Federal Government amounts to $30,065 ! Donations can still be made through PWRDF so access the PWRDF giving capability on this website.

Susan Ohannessian , organist  at St. Mary's Kerrisdale and Jane Dittrich each reached their goal of raising over $1,000 each, with Jane raising $1105 and Susan raising $1065. These totals will be matched x 6 by the Federal Government of Canada via an initiative with PWRDF.

There were three routes available for riders: 10, 25 and 50KM. Jane was the only member of Team PWRDF to do the 50KM route. Janet Hamilton from SJS was to do it alongside Jane but unfortunately sustained a back injury the day prior to the ride.

The Divine Dashers, the other diocesan team established this year by members of St John the Divine Maple Ridge, Janet Coglan is PWRDF parish rep,rode along the new Fort Langley routes and have raised $700 or $4900 with matching funding so far.

The Ride for Refuge website will be accepting donations until October 31 and if you would like to participate in 2017 the date for the ride will be September 30.


  • Before the ride Lynne Taylor, PWRDF Board member, Peter Goodwin, Laurel Fahrni from St.Faiths, and her friend Debbie Mitchell
  • Peter Goodwin and Jane Dittrich before Jane headed off on her 50KM ride
  • Members of The Divine Dashers who rode the new Ft. Langley routes.
  • Cara Ingham congratulating Jane Dittrich @ the finish line
  • Members of Team PWRDF celebrating their rides together & having lunch in the gym of Richmond Christian High School following their respective rides. 10KM, 25KM and 50KM routes were available.

More photos and captions available on Anglican Conversation the Facebook page of the Diocese of New Westminster