PWRDF Sunday at St. Anselm's

For the past 7 years The Reign of Christ Sunday in November has been set aside to learn about the work of Primates' World Relief & Development Fund (PWRDF) and to remind ourselves how we may reach out and help others, thus living into our Baptismal Commitment.  

November 26, 2017 was PWRDF day at St. Anselm's. We had a beautiful worship service with uplifting hymns... prayers of the people written and given to individuals to translate into Cantonese, Russian, Vietnamese and  Igabo that were offered as part of the intercessory prayer time during the Eucharist.

The sermon time was set aside for a presentation, and a skit that was written and performed by parishioners. The skit brought to life the Rohingya Muslim's plight in Myanmar and depicted a family that included grandparents running from their burned down village.  The actors in the skit described their experiences and after their description another actor playing the role of  'the reporter' speaks to an actor representing PWRDF Executive Director, Zaida Bastos asking how PWRDF is involved in the work of helping thousands of refugees coming into Bangladesh .

An Indian Lunch of lemon fried rice, vegetable curry, cabbage stir fry and salad followed the Eucharist. A special cake made for the PWRDF celebration was cut by Peter Goodwin, diocesan PWRDF Unit Chair; Rev. Margaret Marquardt , a member of the diocesan PWRDF Unit and Chair of the diocesan Eco-Justice Unit; Lynne  Taylor, St. Anselm's member and Chair of the Finance and Strategic Plan Working Group, PWRDF.

One of the parishioners wrote "Thank you very, very much for a wonderful, delicious, super, fantastic lunch today.  It was such a nice gathering for everyone and I know it was really appreciated.  I think some of the new members were glad to have the chance to get to know a few more people."

Peter Goodwin wrote, “how prolific, creative and sensitive it was when it comes to planning the Reign of Christ service.  Wow it was amazing!!! There was also such a lovely sense of fellowship."

A free will offering was taken for the Myanmar Crisis Relief Fund which the Canadian Government shall be matching 1:1. It was a time to give thanks for the work of all involved in PWRDF and for those of us who are far removed from the horrible realities of the tragedies around the world to be partners in bringing hope to all God's people.


  • St. Anselm's rector, the Reverend Alex Wilson, the Reverend Margaret Marquhardt, Peter Goodwin, Lynne Taylor, and the author prepare for the cake cutting
  • The Skit cast describe their experiences to the ‘reporter’
  • Serving the lunch
  • PWRDF placemats
  • The lunch
  • The cake

PHOTOS: Dana Taylor