Learning Principles Intro Film for Synod 2017

Major programmatic components planned for Synod 2017 are Learning Pods; group experiences where diocesan ministry priorities will be addressed within the context of the learning principles of First Nations peoples.  

In order to help create an environment for this learning, the Synod Planning Committee Executive approached retired priest and VST professor the Reverend Dr. Martin Brokenleg and asked if he would be interested in sharing some information about the learning principles and First Nations worldview. He was happy to participate, so plans were made to create a short film that will be shown at Synod prior to the first Learning Pod event.  

As Dr. Brokenleg was scheduled to be in Vancouver (he resides in Victoria) the morning and afternoon of Saturday, April 29, a common room at St. James’, Vancouver was chosen as the location. Diocesan videographer Cliff Caprani was enlisted to film and record Dr. Brokenleg’s presentation under the guidance of diocesan communications.

Dr. Brokenleg’s piece was informative, concise and thoughtful and will be of great help to the Synod 2017 members. 

The video will be available for viewing on the diocesan website in late May/early June following Synod 2017.  


  • Cliff and Dr. Brokenleg check the playback of the footage.

  • The Reverend Dr. Martin Brokenleg is “on his mark” for the film.

  • Cliff Caprani lines up the shot