Easter Sunday at Holy Trinity Cathedral

Diocesan Communication's trip around the Diocese of New Westminster for Holy Week and Easter, 2017 concluded with a visit to Holy Trinity, Cathedral, New Westminster.

The 10am Eucharist was traditional but upbeat and the music led by  HTC Music Director, George Ryan (who is also an excellent pianist, organist and composer) was joyful and uplifting.

The flowers in the church greatly added to the atmosphere of renewal and rebirth. Congratulations to Associate Warden, Birgit Petersen who was the Flower Coordinator. Associate Warden Petersen also pointed out that many in the congregation that day had turned back the clock a decade or two and worn hats. In the scroll of photos with this web story we’ve included some “Easter Millinery” photos.

In his homily, the rector, the Reverend Dale Yardy shared his feelings about the renewing power of the resurrection experience.  He said, "The resurrection experience that we celebrate this day - does so much more than remind us that our God is with us. For it offers to take our broken moments and begins to reshape them into something new. It takes our map of the world and turns it upside down...The resurrection experience invites us to let go of all that keeps us paralyzed by greed and fear.”

Following the Closing Hymn, "Christ the Lord is Risen Today", Music Director, George Ryan made his way to the organ and after playing a classical piece for the Postlude he swung into a whimsical rendition of Irving Berlin's 1933 seasonal favourite, "Easter Parade".  


  • Decorating the Cross with daffoldils before the worship
  • The HTC choir in the stalls concluding the Opening Hymn, "Jesus Christ is Risen Today"
  • Associate Warden, Birgit Petersen
  • Linda in a striking pink feather fascinator reads the Epistle
  • The Reverend Dale Yardy preaching
  • Some hats
  • More hats
  • George Ryan plays "Easter Parade".


More photos and captions are available by clinking this link and visiting the photo album on Anglican Conversation, the Facebook page of the Diocese of New Westminster