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EFM has been a sponsored program in the Diocese for over 25 years, delivering for our laity a study of the Scripture, history and theology of the Church, in small, seminar-style groups. Members of EFM groups make a commitment to their learning a year at a time (EFM is a four-year program).  Groups are managed by trained, local facilitators, who make a longer commitment.  These mentors re-certify on an annual basis, usually at training events offered in our Diocese.

You may learn more about EFM at the Canadian website and about the originating program in the US at The Canadian program does differ in some ways from the US version, including annual “Canadian Content” packages.

Thursday, June 7 will begin in the early evening, Friday will be a full day, and Saturday will end in the mid-afternoon. Please plan on being present for the full schedule. Dr. Norman Knowles of St. Mary's University, Calgary, is the Trainer. The sessions are scheduled to take place in the Trendell Lounge at the Synod Offices, 1410 Nanton Avenue, Vancouver.

As of this writing in mid April we do not have dates for the second training event, however it will be for diocesan mentors, new and experienced, and is open to mentors from other dioceses.  The Rev. Chris Ross, retired Deacon of the Diocese of Kootenay, and EFM's Trainer of Trainers, is the trainer for that event. More details will be communicated as they become available.

Our location will be determined by the number who register, and we will communicate it to you at the soonest.  

Please contact Paula at [email protected] to register, or by calling 604-329-8701.  

She also welcomes any queries about EFM that you may have.

Please find attached below two two short descriptions of EFM and of the work of a mentor, prepared by our diocesan co-ordinator, the Rev. Paula Porter Leggett.

Current EfM groups in the Diocese of New Westminster

  • Christ Church Cathedral, 6:30 -9:30pm on Wednesdays.  Recruiting for January, 2018 
  • St. Hilda's, Sechelt,  2-5 pm on Thursdays.  Recruiting for September, 2017
  • St. John's, Port Moody, 6:30-9:30 on Wednesdays.  Recruiting for September, 2017 
  • St. Thomas', Chilliwack, 7-9:30pm on Wednesdays. Recruiting for September, 2017

And the on-line group recruiting for October 2017

There are four years offered in EFM, beginning with study of the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) in Year 1, the New Testament in Year 2, Church History (Year 3) and Thinking Theologically (Year 4).  Participants purchase textbooks for each year and receive a Reading & Reflection Guide as part of the programme.        

  • 36 weekly sessions per year      
  • Brings university level learning to the laity      
  • Small group size allows for active participation      
  • Experiential learning paired with up-to-date learning resources  

Models of Theological Reflection that encourage the learner to link the Christian faith, the world, and our lives is the core exercise of EFM that differentiates it from other learning programmes. We will practice a variety of methods of reflection individually and as a group.  

Most EfM groups start up in September. The two groups at Christ Church Cathedral are January start-up groups. Small group, adult learning is taken seriously and no group may have more than 12 members (plus mentor). The EfM groups in Port Moody, Sechelt and Chilliwack are currently (Summer 2017) registering for the September start up.

The programme covers four years, and people can take time out if they need to and retain their year-level status when they return. Diocesan sponsorship means the cost is $350 per year (includes the annual Reading & Reflection Guide). Textbooks are obtained by members in the way that works best for them, new or used, eBook or handheld. This is one way the Canadian programme has been able to hold the cost down. Groups meet for 36 weeks per year, usually on a weeknight or afternoon.

EfM On-Line has been active for 10 years but beginning October 2017 there will be a Pacific and Mountain Time Zone group meeting Monday evenings, 7-9pm Pacific Time.

For more information about EFM and EFM on-line, see our website and follow the links.  

To register for the on-line group or to find out more about registration with one of the groups in the diocese please contact the Reverend Paula Porter Leggett, Diocesan EfM Coordinator.

Here is a link to the Education for Ministry in the Diocese of New Westminster Facebook page.

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