Inside Out Church, May 26: 8am-4pm

Inside Out Church, May 26: 8am-4pm

NEWS - The 2018 Mission Conference "Inside Out Church" will take place at Burnaby Mountain Secondary School, 8800 East Lake Drive. Saturday, May 26, 8am to 4pm. Sign-in at 8am, programme begins at 9am


A  Conference Design Team has been assembled under the staff support guidance of Executive Archdeacon, the Venerable Douglas Fenton and consists of: Doug Ibbot, St. James’; the Reverend Craig Tanksley, St Mark, Ocean Park; Lauren Pinkney, St Alban the Martyr, Burnaby; the Reverend Wilmer Toyoken, St Michael’s Multicultural, Kingsway; the Reverend Patrick Blaney, St John the Evangelist, North Vancouver; Kim Hodge, ODWN, St George, Ft Langley. The Team is meeting regularly throughout the winter and spring.  

Information about the keynote speaker, the Reverend Dr. Lillian Daniel is available below and a bio document is linked. Dr. Daniel will open up the conversation: How do we ‘live into’ who we are as disciples of Jesus? Why would our ‘good works’ have to be in line with our spiritual practice and life in a religious community?

May 26, 2018 marks the second diocesan-wide Mission Conference. This event has three purposes:

1.      For the diocesan community to gather and connect in a less formal way than Synod, with more of the community present. This goal developed out of the Reconnect Task Force’s work in 2012-2013.

2.      To be an opportunity for the diocesan community to think about mission – what is it that God is doing in our Diocese (through individuals, parishes, and groups outside of the Diocese) and how are we participating?

3.      To energize and strengthen Anglicans as they are sent into the world (in their homes, schools, workplaces, community and civic organizations) to participate in God’s mission in this time and place.

All members of the diocesan community are invited to participate - although pre-registration is required. Unlike Synod where delegates are elected by parishes and each parish is assigned a number of delegates based on the size of the parish, the Mission Conference can be attended by anyone. The program is designed to welcome clergy and lay people, adults, youth, and children.

Cost for the day which includes lunch and refreshments is $20

The keynote speaker will be preacher, teacher, writer and speaker, Lillian Daniel.

Bio is available for downloading below

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Inside Out Church - Mission Conference

Inside Out Church, our Diocesan Mission Conference, is set for May 2018. Our design team has met several times since December, putting together plans and ideas for our second bi-annual Mission Conference. Through... Read More