What is the Diocesan Council?

What is the Diocesan Council?

Diocesan Council, consists of the following voting members:

(a) the Diocesan Bishop or, when applicable, the Bishop’s Commissary or the Diocesan Administrator;

(b) the two most senior Legal Officers in attendance (being in order of seniority the Chancellor, the Registrar and the Legal Assessor);

(c) the Treasurer (or the Assistant Treasurer in the absence of the Treasurer);

(d) the Chair of Ministry and Mission Development Committee;

(e) two members chosen by the Dean and Archdeacons of the Diocese from their number.

(f) one Ordained and one Lay person may be appointed by the Bishop who shall continue in office, at the pleasure of the Bishop, from the time of appointment until the final adjournment of the regular Synod next following appointment.

(g) two persons from each Archdeaconry, one Lay and the other Ordained, who shall be elected at Synod

(h) two persons from the Diocese elected at least 15 years of age and less than 26 years of age, at the time of the election. 

Together with the following persons who shall be ex-officio members without voting privileges:

(i) the Executive Archdeacon if not already a member under sub-paragraph (e);

(j) the Business Administrator;

(k) the Director for Mission and Ministry Development;

(l) the Legal Assessor unless attending as a member under sub-paragraph (b)

(m) the Assistant Treasurer unless attending as a member under sub-paragraph (c);

and (n) a recording secretary appointed by the voting members of Diocesan Council

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