The Anglican Church of Canada

The Anglican Church of Canada

In Canada about 800,000 Anglicans worship in 31 dioceses, from Vancouver Island to St. John’s, Newfoundland. The Most Rev. Fred Hiltz is the head (called the “Primate”) of the national church.   The Anglican Church of Canada supports churches in large urban areas, small rural villages, and in remote northern regions.  In addition to English-language services, services are offered in French, Spanish, Cantonese, Japanese, Mandarin, as well as Indigenous languages. 


Every three years, approximately 400 representatives from dioceses across the country gather together at a meeting called General Synod to make decisions on the spiritual and administrative direction of the church.  Between Synods, a group called the Council of General Synod is authorized to make decisions on behalf of the wider church.  Other counsel or advise is given by the “House of Bishops” -- a gathering of bishops and archbishops from across Canada who meet regularly to reflect on spiritual and moral issues.

The Anglican Church of Canada has a Social Network site called The Community .

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Anglican Foundation Deadline

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Responding to Disaster - Prayer, Song, Presence

June 16 - 19, 2018



OMG! The Priority of Prayer

The Venerable Paul Feheley, Principal Secretary to the Primate and National Director of The Anglican Fellowship of Prayer has asked that this information about the Anglican Fellowship of Prayer Conference in... Read More


Chinese Translations of Liturgical Texts Now Available

The following liturgical texts were translated into Chinese by Bishop Patrick Yu for use in the Anglican Church of Canada. Bishop Yu’s translations build upon the work of pioneering clerics who produced their own... Read More


Consecration of a Bishop

On Thursday, January 18, bishops, clergy and lay gathered at St. Andrew’s, Cathedral in Prince Rupert for the Consecration of the 10th Bishop of the diocese, David Lehmann. Now-Bishop Lehmann was elected on the 20th... Read More

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Archbishop Fred Hiltz to Retire as Primate

January 7, 2018 The Baptism of the Lord Dear Friends: On this Sunday, right on the heels of The Feast of the Epiphany we find ourselves at the Jordan River remembering The Baptism of the Lord. We recall how he... Read More

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Anglican Foundation November Grant Cycle

  AFC AWARDS $303,000 IN NOVEMBER GRANT CYCLE The Anglican Foundation of Canada (AFC) has announced $303,000 in grants in support of new projects across Canada in its November cycle of awards. “The Anglican church... Read More


Donna Lita Kirkpatrick, Priest

It is with sadness we announce that The Reverend Donna Lita Kirkpatrick died on Saturday, November 11 at Vancouver General Hospital. Donna had been hospitalized recently, but her death was unexpected. Donna was a... Read More